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rails scrap в Дубняни

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Used Rails Scraps R50 – R65
Оптовая цена
от 295 $/т
Arion Company, ТОО, KZ +2 объявления
Commodity: Used Rails Scraps R50 – R65 ( ISRI 27-29 ) Specification: TBA Quality:25.000 MT Total Quality: 25.000 MT x 12 Months / 300.000...
Copper sheets and strips from Russian Federation
Цена по запросу
Arion Company, ТОО, KZ +2 объявления
Copper sheets and strips from Russian Federation Standard – EN 1652, GOST 1173-2006 Alloy – Cu-DHP, Cu-ETP Thickness, mm – 0.4 – 25 Width, mm –...
В радиусе 240 км от Дубняни
Flakers of frozen blocks FBF 600
24 700 €/шт EXW
Normit food, S.R.O., SK, 46 км
The FBF frozen blocks flaker is intended for flaking of frozen blocks of meat, fish and poultry (including with bones), as well as frozen blocks...
Lumber, wood from Russia Пиломатериал, древесина из России
Цена по запросу
Кузьминых Е.А., ИП, RU, 232 км
Softwood lumber, 1-2 grades (Board and timber, spruce and pine), according to GOST 8486-86. Wood, coniferous logs, spruce and pine. Export of...
The camera of wood thermal treatment (thermomodified)
13 500 €/шт EXW  
Оптовая цена
12 500 - 13 000 €/шт
Термообробка, ООО, UA, 232 км
Wood thermal treatment is accomplished in constant steam saturated environment without oxygen under high temperatures that are changed and kept...
393 $/т EXW  
Оптовая цена
393 $/т
Уралспецсталь, ООО, RU, 232 км
Sell railway scrap, rails. Delivery 100000 tons For 10 months. WhatsApp, Telegram
Agglomerate - polyethylene capsule, scrap film LDPE.
Оптовая цена
526 - 657 €/т CIP
Волгатрансхим, ООО, RU, 232 км
We sell agglomerate - polyethylene capsule, scrap film LDPE, all documents for customs and delivery to Europe and other countries.
Urea 46%
200 $/т
Казахстанская Промышленная..., ТОО, KZ, 232 км
Sell urea 46% for 200$ without transport production of Turkmenistan, Letter Of Credit (L/C, DLC) Urea grade A, B 50 000 tons per...
Aluminum Used Beverage Can
Цена по запросу
AVCN AS, PAO, RU, 232 км
Ubc Aluminum Scrap Cans Aluminum Scrap cans Specifications The purity of UBC aluminium is 96%. Aluminum UBC Scrap for more infromation do...
Цена по запросу
Ertegi, ТОО, KZ, 232 км
Ertegi LLP sells hard wheat, flax seeds and rape seeds. All wheat, flax seeds and rapeseeds are laboratory tested for quality and class...
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